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"Alone our powers are special. But together, we are unstoppable."
Missy Moreno[src]

The Heroics are a group of superheroes that work together to thwart evil.



The Heroics were established on Earth many years ago as a preventive measure for crime-fighting. The oldest known member of the group is Anita Moreno, whose son Marcus assumed leadership when he became a hero. Under Marcus' command was a team of highly trained and incredibly talented superheroes, including Miracle Guy, Sharkboy, and LavaGirl.

The team often struggled to work together due to in-fighting, which often led them to lose battles. Their inability to work together made them a liability, as Blinding Fast and Crushing Low's infamous feud since the Crisis of Edinburgh often sparked more hostility within the group. Despite this, The Heroics did prevent several disasters while simultaneously creating immense property damage. Their most notable destruction is City Hall, which is promptly destroyed by Crushing Low during the ribbon cutting.

We Can Be Heroes

The Heroics' actions over the last few years have caught the attention of an otherworldly species known as Aliens. They come from Planet Ogima and decide to invade Earth as a takeover. The Heroics prepared for battle while Ms. Granada, the director of The Heroics, gathered the Heroics children. She placed them in Heroics Headquarters under strict orders not to leave. The children witness The Heroics attempt to fight the aliens. The heroes fall, and the aliens kidnap the team. The city spirals into hectic mayhem with the loss of Earth's protection, causing mass panic. Missy Moreno, the daughter of Marcus Moreno, deduced that Ojo's drawings were predicting the future, which means that aliens are going to attack the headquarters. She is met with hesitation from Wild Card, the self-proclaimed leader of the little group, as he doesn't see why they should leave the safe classroom on the hunch of a new girl. She iterates that she's going to leave, but whoever wants to join her can. With that, he concedes, and the entire group works together to escape the heavily guarded headquarters.

Now on the run, the team went to Anita Moreno's house where they learn to fight and channel their powers. When the time comes, the children escaped Heroics agents once more and manage to board a supply ship. They board the mothership and follow both Missy and Wheels' guidance to navigate the mothership. An alien tentacle chases them, though A Capella vocalizes and immobilizes the creature. Once in safety, they are welcomed by Ms. Granada, and Wheels warns Missy that Granada's vital signs are all over the place. Ojo carefully reveals her latest drawing to Missy - Granada as an alien. The aliens apprehend the group and place them in a cell. To escape, Missy and Wild Card make everyone cry over the thought of losing their parents, so Guppy can collect their tears, form a key, and they can escape.

After escaping, Wheels informs everyone that they have an hour to stop the alien takeover. Missy believes they don't have time to free their parents and have to stop the takeover themselves, to which Wild Card disagrees - they should find their parents. The group ultimately splits in two, with Wild Card and Facemaker going off alone. The boys eventually argue, and Facemaker leaves Wild Card alone, leaving him open to being taken by Ms. Granada. In the meantime, the rest of the Heroics learn that Ojo is an alien spy from Ogima. She believes that the new team is the same as their parents - unable to work together. She references Wild Card, to whom Missy calls out to ask if he's there. Wild Card responds from the control room where he is working to stop the takeover. Missy explains that she realized Ojo is an alien and before they boarded the alien ship, she told Wild Card, and they made a plan. Ms. Granada doesn't have the real Wild Card but Facemaker, who disguises himself as Wild Card to outsmart Granada.

Ojo sends alien figures after the team members, including Facemaker who reunites with the team, to keep them from stopping the takeover. The group, down only Wild Card, fight the aliens with Missy expertly directing them. It isn't long before they outmaneuver Ojo and manage to place a fake hard drive in the pyramid housing aliens. They hope the hard drive will trick the pyramid into thinking it is active when it isn't. The pyramid, however, does open as they are a second too late. But instead of alien enemies emerging, The Heroics walk out of the pyramid and assemble happily.

"Facemaker: What are we supposed to be looking at, again?
Missy: The future.
―Missy and Facemaker[src]

A gleeful Ms. Granada, side-by-side with President Neil Anami, joins Ojo and informs the children that the takeover was never of Earth, but the transition of power from one generation to the next. In other words, a test to ensure that the children of The Heroics are ready to assume the roles of real heroes. Ojo asks if the new Heroics are willing to defend the galaxy when the time comes. When Missy promises, Ojo allows the former Heroics to cross the platform and reunite with their children. In the time that follows, the children assemble in matching Heroics uniforms. They stand proudly in their superhero positions, ready for the next adventure that comes their way, now serving as the new Heroics.


Current Generation

Former Generation


  • The team's symbol is an orange coloured, bold-italic H. It is incorporated into several of the members suits and is featured on the side of Heroics Headquarters.
  • To enter their headquarters, one must have an employee ID card that is swiped into buses that shuttle employees to and from the entrance.