SharkBoy is the deuteragonist of The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl. He is one of Max and LavaGirl's best friends.


SharkBoy looks like a young boy with short, spiky brown hair. His skin is tanned and his teeth vary between flattened (like a human) to sharpened (like a shark). His clothing consists of long, dark gray clothing with lighter gray shark-based armor on top of it.

His breastplate (covering his upper torso and sides) has a notable shark teeth impression on the front and a shark fin on the back. Below it are several pieces of 'armor' that seem to be like abs. The vambraces on both of his wrists are a dark gray with two small fins on them. His gloves are gray with a dark red on the knuckles. There is additional padding on the knuckles and the points of his fingers are sharpened.

SharkBoy has a gray belt, additional padding on his thighs, and tall gray boots with fins on them.

He also has a set of shark-themed goggles. They're made to look like two carton sharks eating red-tinted lenses.


SharkBoy is rather headstrong and aggressive compared to others in the group. Still, he has a caring side that he's reluctant to show, unless it's for LavaGirl, who he's shown to be protective over. He's occasionally impulsive and sometimes needs convincing to follow a line of logic if it doesn't sound foolproof or if it goes against what he wants to do.

He's quick to anger but that doesn't mean he's incapable of being intelligent. He seems to prefer lending a hand rather than a mind to the group overall. SharkBoy occasionally gets overconfident in himself.



SharkBoy was originally a human who lived on the ocean with his unnamed father in a marine research base/laboratory. He was described to be a, "marine biologist... in-training," likely to take after his father. While his father researched great white sharks, SharkBoy grew attached to them. He fed them sushi like treats and named them like pets (Goodmilk, Peggy, Eddbat, and Crackett, respectively). He liked the sharks so much his father gave him the nickname of "SharkBoy."

When a mysteriously powerful storm destroyed the research base, SharkBoy and his father were separated at sea. However, due to the kindness he showed the sharks, he was recognized by one and taken to the sharks' home to be raised with them. While the sharks are shown to be speaking to him it isn't explained if he could talk to them at this point. His body eventually morphed to become half shark ("Eventually he grew gills, and sharp talons for claws. His teeth sharpened themselves to a point. He grew fins--all sorts of fins.") to adapt.

Max met SharkBoy while the former was fishing one summer. SharkBoy came home with Max and lived in his bathroom for an extended period. SharkBoy told Max about Planet Drool and his journey across the universe in search for his father (it's implied he traveled in a shark-themed rocket ship). He stayed until LavaGirl came to return to Planet Drool to deal with the oncoming crisis. It isn't explained how the two superheroes met nor how long they've been friends.

The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl

We Can Be Heroes

Powers and Abilities

Natural abilities

Due to his inhuman makeup, SharkBoy has several advanced abilities. His hearing, instincts, reflexes, agility, and speed are all advanced in comparison to a normal human. Like LavaGirl, he can jump to great heights.

He has the capability to control sharks (and potentially other sea life) as well as talk to them. He can breathe underwater for limited periods.

When he gets enraged/angered, he goes into a mode called "Shark Frenzy." In this mode, he becomes irrationally angry, frantic, and animalistic. He's shown to have further increased strength in this state.


SharkBoy has a Shark Bike. It's implied it runs on regular gasoline (but couldn't, as Max didn't dream up any gas for it when his dreams created the bike to begin with).

The rocket ship SharkBoy, LavaGirl, and Max fly to Planet Drool in seems to be SharkBoy's due to its appearance looking like a shark.


SharkBoy's father

Since SharkBoy has been looking for his father ever since they were separated and vice versa, it's implied they had a good relationship. SharkBoy is visibly mournful when Minus told him that his father was "at the bottom of the ocean," implying he was dead. He was equally excited when Max told him that his father was alive and in a submarine to search for SharkBoy.


From a young age, SharkBoy got along with the great white sharks his father researched. His attitude toward them gave him his nickname. And, due to his relationship with them, the sharks gladly took him in as, "one of their own." They happily listened to SharkBoy's command to attack Mr. Electric once the ocean was thawed out.


SharkBoy has a positive relationship with Max, albeit competitive now and again. Upon their first meeting, Max took SharkBoy into his own home where Max kept SharkBoy, "fed and in water." SharkBoy seemingly enjoyed telling Max about his adventures across the universe.

SharkBoy seems to have a one-sided competitive relationship. He tries to take action first and gives Max negative reactions when Max makes mistakes/messes up. However, this doesn't mean he hates Max at all.


LavaGirl is SharkBoy's best friend. They have a pre-established friendship from before the start of the movie. He trusts and cares for her greatly, to the point where he was willing to do anything it took to save her from death. LavaGirl seems to get the most positive reactions from SharkBoy and it's implied he has a crush on her.

Mr. Electric

Due to their different alignments, they're naturally enemies. SharkBoy hates Mr. Electric for his attempt to corrupt Planet Drool. While he's more vulnerable to Mr. Electric's attacks (as he prefers to be in water, a conductor for electricity), he still attacks him and his minions as much as possible.


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  • SharkBoy's teeth change shape and position throughout the movie. Sometimes they're all flat (like a humans'), sometimes they're all sharp (like a sharks'), and sometimes a combination.
  • SharkBoy is shown to keep raw fish on him for extended periods of time.
    • He seems to see no issue with this while Max showed disgust at the month-old, unappetizing fish.
  • He doesn't like/can't eat human food (like chocolate and frosting) and shows visible disgust at it.
    • This is potentially because he hasn't had 'human food' since he was very young or because his body no longer 'allows it', similar to how animals can get sick with human food.
  • SharkBoy's advanced senses can cause him to get overstimulated.
    • This overstimulation has been shown to lead to the aforementioned Shark Frenzy.
  • SharkBoy is one of the few characters without an apparent real-world counterpart.
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