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Neil Anami is one of the main characters of We Can Be Heroes. He is the former President of the United States, and an alien citizen of Ogima.


He wears a crispy navy dark blue suit and a tie all through the movie. He has blonde hair, a slightly moody expression sometimes, and overall looks neat. Unlike other aliens pretending to be human including Ms. Granada and Ojo, he did not expose himself that he is an alien at first. He got exposed by Wheels when he uncovered that his name spells “I’m an alien” backwards. He then revealed that he had tentacles, along with the other aliens, after The Heroics released their former generation, however.


Not much is known about Neil's personality but it appears that he is a controversial figure, given Facemaker and Miracle Guy's comments on his authoritative figure. He is seen to be kind at the end of the movie.



Neil was placed on Earth by Ogima's supreme commander Ojo to infiltrate the government in the United States. Miracle Guy stated that he did not vote for Neil Anami to prove it. Neil became the President where his election was rather controversial, given Facemaker's comments on the matter. He sleeps at noon and does not speak fluently.

We Can Be Heroes

After the Heroics fell, Neil made comments about the situation. Facemaker points out that he couldn't put two sentences together and questioned how he got the position of President. Neil Anami then said that he decoded the message that proved that he was an alien. Miracle Guy also wanted to point out that he did not vote for Neil. It is then revealed that he is an alien and that he was simply there to infiltrate their government.

Powers and Abilities

Neil showed little special abilities other than the common alien ability to disguise his tentacles.


  • His name spelled backwards is, "I'm an alien".
  • Some of his qualities and the comments made regarding his presidency are based on the infamous 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.
  • We Can Be Heroes is not the first time a President character has appeared in a Robert Rodriguez film. Christopher McDonald played the President in Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams where he also had a daughter, Alexandra. Whether his appearance in We Can Be Heroes is coincidence, or whether the character is the same from the Spy Kids franchise, is unclear.