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Minus is one of the secondary antagonists of The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl. He is the former boss of Mr. Electric.


Minus is a ten-year-old boy with brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a dark purple villain suit paired with a black pointed collar and matching cape.


Because Minus sought the destruction of Planet Drool and everything Max created, he was seen as a villain. He wanted to rule the planet and remake it in his image. He had enough strength to force Mr. Electric to do his bidding. When Max fought Minus, he realized that Minus was jealous of his imagination and ability to dream these vivid and creative dreams. He wanted a world of his own that was filled with things he liked. With Max's help, Minus was able to understand how to dream properly and be a better person. He relinquished his hold over Planet Drool and freed SharkBoy and LavaGirl from their roles as protectors of Planet Drool.






  • Although Minus was thought to be the main antagonist of the movie, this is completely false, as Mr. Electric betrayed Minus and sought to conquer Earth.
  • Minus is the dream-world counterpart of Linus, a classmate of Max's.