Max is the main protagonist of The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl. He's the creator of Planet Drool (and by extension the inhabitants of Planet Drool) via his dreams. He's shown to be lonely and to have no friends, seemingly because of how much care and attention he puts into his dream journal and his imagination.


Max is a fourth grade boy with short blond hair and green eyes. While his outfit changes for different days in the movie, the one he wears for the majority consists of a tee shirt with varying colors. The top portion and the sleeves are a dark blue with a yellow stripe down the shoulders. The bottom portion is yellow, divided from the blue with two white stripes.

He wears black pants and regular trainers. He has a black watch on his right wrist.


While Max tends to be meek when initially confronted, he stays confident in his beliefs and in his imagination. But still when he repeatedly gets told that his dreams are just that he gets discouraged.

When SharkBoy and LavaGirl come to get him at school, he's confused by things for a while before slowly settling in to the unusual world of Planet Drool to show off his skill of adaptation. When confronted with battle and a position of leadership, he did what he could to step up to the plate.




Powers and Abilities

Max's only power is dreaming, on Earth. His dreams let him create Planet Drool and its inhabitants. On Planet Drool, his power of daydreaming lets him manipulate the world around him to get what he wants (and, occasionally, what he doesn't in the form of nightmares). Examples of this including summoning vehicles for SharkBoy and LavaGirl, unlocking their abilities and potential, and even manipulating other beings (Minus).



Max created SharkBoy by dreaming him up. While they're on the same team, SharkBoy's more competitive nature tends to make them argue. Upon their first meeting, Max took SharkBoy into his own home where Max kept SharkBoy, "fed and in water." SharkBoy seemingly enjoyed telling Max about his adventures across the universe.

SharkBoy tends to snap at him whenever Max makes a mistake. Max doesn't seem to have any hard feelings and does like SharkBoy.


Max created LavaGirl by dreaming her up. They have a positive relationship and are on the same team. Lavagirl tends to be more patient when Max slips up and makes mistakes.

Max's father

Max seems to have a good relationship with his father overall, but it's turbulent due to the disagreements between both his father and his mother. Max's father tries to be more sympathetic to Max and encourage his dreams.

Max's mother

Max seems to have a good relationship with his mother overall, but it's turbulent due to the disagreements between both his mother and his father. Max's mother seems to be more strict due to a more logical view on life.


Linus was Max's bully for the start of the movie. He teased Max for talking about his dreams, ridiculed him, and had his [Linus'] friends chase him down to steal his dream journal. When he did get it, Linus vandalized practically every page he could and lied about doing it when confronted.

At the end of the movie, Linus apologized for getting the journal indirectly destroyed. They seem to be friends and Linus got inspired to make his own superhero character; Mr. Positive (in contrast to his evil Planet Drool persona, Minus).

Marissa Electricidad

Max is shown to have a sort of crush (or desire for friendship) on Marissa. He tries to help her out by offering her a seat that isn't under a cold vent and encourages her to use the Crystal Heart on Mr. Electric at the end of the movie. In the epilogue, they're shown to be like friends.

Mr. Electric

Due to their different alignments, they're naturally enemies. Max is the strongest force against Mr. Electric and the latter knows it, so he often sent enemies to attack and capture Max. Max was Mr. Electric's inevitable downfall.


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  • Despite being right handed, Max has a watch on his right wrist.
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