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Linus is the former secondary antagonist of The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl.


Linus is a fourth-grade boy with brown hair and brown eyes. His outfit within the classroom is a black shirt with blue sleeves.



Linus taunts Max over his "What I Did This Summer" project. He teases Max for making up the stories involving SharkBoy and LavaGirl. He even mockingly creates his own characters with the sole intention of hurting Max's feelings. He steals Max's Dream Journal which provokes a fight between the pair. When Linus insults Max again, he throws his dream journal at Linus' head which earns them both detention.

When Mr. Electric attacks Earth, Linus suggests freezing the villain which Mr. Electricidad dismisses as a dumb idea. Linus' idea inspires Max to give the Crystal Heart to Marissa so she can save everyone.

Powers and Abilities

Linus has no direct powers, however, his dream-world counterpart Minus is quite powerful.



Linus bullied Max for the majority of their time in class. He teased Max for talking about his dreams, ridiculed him, and had his friends chase Max down to steal his dream journal. When Linus acquired the journal, he vandalized every page he could and lied about doing it when confronted. This provoked Max to throw the journal at Linus' head and they both earned detention.

After their trip to Planet Drool where Linus assumes the evil moniker Minus, Linus apologized for the part he played in destroying the dream journal. They seem to be friends and Linus even became inspired to make his own superhero character; Mr. Positive.


  • He is the real-world counterpart of Minus.
  • He owns a notebook with the head of Troublemaker Studios (the company behind SharkBoy and LavaGirl as well as Spy Kids and Shorts)’ mascot, Pepino on it.