"Everything that is or was began with a dream"

LavaGirl is the second titular character and tritagonist of The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl.


LavaGirl looks like a teenage girl with bright pink hair that constantly flows and goes down to about her collar. Her clothing consists of long pink sleeves and pants that are covered with cracked stones with lava flowing between them. Most of the rocks are covering her torso, waist, and thigh area.

She has stone-like vambraces on both wrists. Her boots follow the stone and lava motif and go almost up to her knees. She has a 'belt' on her waist in the midst of the stone and lava.

When she becomes enraged, her hair flairs up to look like pink fire. When wet, her hair becomes a dark pink and flat to her head like human hair.

LavaGirl's outfit at the end of the movie consists of the long, pink clothing she wore throughout. The lava rocks on her torso and legs are gone and instead she is partially wrapped in a translucent, shimmering fabric that acts almost like a dress and connects to a band around her neck. A similar fabric comes out of the top of her boots. She now has long, shining earrings.


LavaGirl tends to have a caring, considerate nature. Of the main group (with Max and SharkBoy), she tends to be the most empathetic. Despite this, she still has a fiery temper that causes her powers to flare up.

While she tends to think things through and make plans, she can be just as impulsive as her friends. She tries to make up for anything she makes after her angry or impulsive actions.



Not much is known about her past, by LavaGirl or anyone around her. She lives in the volcanic region of Planet Drool and gains her power from the area as well.

LavaGirl has consistent worried about her morality. She worries that she isn't "good"; it seems to be linked to her magma manipulating abilities. She worries about accidentally hurting people and damaging things due to her heated touch. She hoped Max would be able to give her an answer of whether she was good or bad.

The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl

We Can Be Heroes

Powers and abilities

Natural abilities

Her powers reflect her name. LavaGirl's main power is magma manipulation--she's able to shoot magma from her finger, hands, or wrists. Besides this, she is able to turn almost her entire body into liquid magma and reform from it. Her body is constantly at a high temperature (her hands being hot enough to immediately incinerate paper) but she can increase the temperature if she wants to. If LavaGirl is in water for too long, she'll get extinguished and die.

When she becomes enraged, her hair becomes like real fire. However, when she's calm or asleep, her powers 'cool off' until she emits almost no heat. She's shown to be able to fall asleep on the spot and sleepwalk in a controlled manner.

Besides her magma abilities, she has increased agility with the power to jump to great heights. She's also a beacon of light.


LavaGirl is shown to have a lava motorcycle.



LavaGirl has a positive relationship with Max. She's patient with him throughout the movie and has no problem guiding him along. She has faith that he can save Planet Drool and hopes he'll remember the truth to her morality--whether she is good or bad.


SharkBoy is LavaGirl's best friend. They have a pre-established friendship from before the start of the movie. She understands his tendencies (and vice versa) and trusts SharkBoy greatly. LavaGirl was willing to die if it meant saving him.

She knows him well enough to know about his "Shark Frenzy," the way to initiate it, and to keep a distance when he's in it.

Mr. Electric

Due to their different alignments, they're naturally enemies. She dislikes him because of his attempt to corrupt Planet Drool and stop kids from dreaming. While she seems to be less affected by his electrical attacks, she is still vulnerable to his electric attacks.


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  • LavaGirl keeps lava rocks on her to eat. It's not specified if they're like a snack or a meal to her.
  • Her powers are inconsistent through the movie. Her resting abilities range from warm to scorching. It's possible that she can control her temperature.
  • LavaGirl is one of the few characters without an apparent real-world counterpart.
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