The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl Wiki
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Species: Humanoid Lava Being
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Pink
Alias: LG(Sharkboy)

SharkGirl(Max's Dad)

Skills: Magma manipulation
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: *The Heroics
  • Queen of Earth's Volcanoes
  • Resident of Planet Drool (former)
Father: SharkBoy's dad(father-in-law)
Husband: SharkBoy
Children: Guppy(daughter)
Friends: Max

The Heroics(Former Generation):

The Heroics(Current Generation):

Nemesis: Mr. Electric(deceased)
Employment: Superhero
The Heroics
Production Info
Portrayed by: Taylor Dooley
First Appearance: The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl
Last Appearance: We Can Be Heroes

"Everything that is, or was, began with a dream."

LavaGirl is a main character in The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl, and a supporting character in We Can Be Heroes.


LavaGirl looks like a teenage girl with bright pink hair that constantly flows and goes down to about her collar. Her clothing consists of long pink sleeves and pants that are covered with cracked stones with lava flowing between them. Most of the rocks are covering her torso, waist, and thigh area.

She has stone-like vambraces on both wrists. Her boots follow the stone and lava motif and go almost up to her knees. She has a 'belt' on her waist in the midst of the stone and lava.

When she becomes enraged, her hair flairs up to look like pink fire. When wet, her hair becomes a dark pink and flat to her head like human hair.

LavaGirl's outfit at the end of the movie consists of the long, pink clothing she wore throughout. The lava rocks on her torso and legs are gone and instead, she is partially wrapped in a translucent, shimmering fabric that acts almost like a dress and connects to a band around her neck. A similar fabric comes out of the top of her boots. She now has long, shining earrings.


LavaGirl tends to have a caring, considerate nature. Of the main group (with Max and SharkBoy), she tends to be the most empathetic. Despite this, she still has a fiery temper that causes her powers to flare up.

While she tends to think things through and make plans, she can be just as impulsive as her friends. She tries to make up for anything she makes after her angry or impulsive actions.



Not much is known about her past, due to her amnesia. She was initially created by Max to serve as his imaginary friend. She appeared in his dreams where they went on adventures alongside SharkBoy. She resides in the volcanic region of Planet Drool and gains her power from the area.

LavaGirl has consistently worried about her morality. She worries that she isn't "good", due to her magma manipulating abilities. She worries she will accidentally hurt people or damaging things due to her heated touch. She hoped Max would be able to give her an answer to whether she was good or bad.

The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl

SharkBoy and LavaGirl appear through a pair of tornadoes in front of Max's school and request that he come with them to Planet Drool. They fly to the planet using a shark-shaped spacecraft, and Max learns that everything he dreamed about is real. Lavagirl explains that darkness is taking over Planet Drool. When they reach the planet, she explains that they came to Earth so Max could save Planet Drool. His dreams are going bad in the Dream Lair, which is across the planet. They have to cross several terrains to reach the Dream Lair, including the Sea of Confusion, which has now frozen over. Sharkboy is upset over the frozen ocean but Lavagirl stops his outburst with her hot touch. She then asks Max if she's Evil which he doesn't believe she is.

They have to outrun the darkness where they discover a full roller coaster that does ever stop. SharkBoy and LavaGirl work together to stop the roller coaster and save the passengers. They end up on the ride themselves, and at the peak of the ride, Lavagirl points out her home which is only at half power. They are taken to Mr. Electric's lair and learn that Mr. Electric is taking orders from someone. Max, Sharkboy, and Lavagirl fight plugs when they are captured by Mr. Electric and sent to the Dream Graveyard.

Sharkboy and Lavagirl want to retrieve Max's dream journal so he can remember everything and return the world back to normal. She also hopes that she will learn her past and use her powers to heal the planet. When they enter the Dream Graveyard, she asks him to dream about her history so she can learn who she is. The trio encounters Tobor, a robot that Max never finished building in the real world. They are able to ask Tobor anything they want, so she asks him about herself, and he tells her that she's very bright. Tobor flies them to the Train of Thought so they can reach the Land of Milk and Cookies and Max can dream.

Her hair burns the marshmallows on the cookies, they escape Cookie Giants, and Max confides in Lavagirl that he wants his parents to be happy together. She reminds him that some dreams don't become real on their own, they take work before they're made real. She attempts to sing Max a lullaby but her voice isn't soothing, so she enlists the job to Sharkboy who breaks out singing The Dream Song. She encourages Max to dream about her next - something good. Max begins to have a nightmare so she wakes him up by shooting lava at him.

Plughounds emerge led by Mr. Electric, and the trio is forced to fight them. Lavagirl realizes that her powers are draining even more. She is captured by the plughounds and melts herself into hot lava to escape. She urges Max to dream them out of the Land of Milk and Cookies. He conjures a banana split boat and escapes. She praises him for being able to daydream, for if he is able to master that he can make anything happen at any time. Max uses her finger to draw the Crystal Heart. SharkBoy tells Max that the Ice Princess is beautiful, but Lavagirl burns him claiming she isn't the most beautiful girl and they must be enemies since their powers come from opposite elements.

They arrive at the ice castle but Lavagirl can't cross the ice bridge without melting it. Max suggests she sleepwalk so she begins daydreaming about living on Earth; someplace warm and that Earth will accept her. She falls asleep and walks across the ice bridge just as Plughounds emerge. SharkBoy fears she won't make it in time and wakes her up, causing her to reheat and melt the bridge as they sprint across. They are intercepted by Mr. Electric and rendered unconscious.

The trio is taken to the Dream Lair where Lavagirl is frozen in a block of ice. They meet Minus who has taken over Planet Drool using Max's Dream Journal. Minus taunts Sharkboy over his father being at the bottom of the ocean, before telling Lavagirl that once he freezes over the entire planet her powers will be destroyed forever. She is confused as to what powers he's talking about. Minus then locks the trio into a cage where Sharkboy and Lavagirl realize their powers are dying and they can't use them to escape. Sharkboy is able to free them by entering a shark-frenzy created by La-La's.

Max steals his journal back and conjures up a Lava Bike for Lavagirl. He tells Sharkboy his father is alive, causing Lavagirl to become so excited about her life that she grabs the journal. Her lava-touch causes the journal to disintegrate. She is enraged that Max made her out of lava, as she destroys everything she touches. She doesn't understand why Max made her like this as she has more to offer. She also doesn't understand why she and Sharkboy are partners since their natural elements are fatal to one another; she melts near water while he shrivels near heat. After her emotional outburst, they decide to continue their journey to retrieve the Crystal Heart.

As Max and SharkBoy retrieve the heart from the tip of an iceberg, Lavagirl waits patiently at the bottom. When the heart falls from the tip she grabs it and freezes solid. Once the boys get the real Crystal Heart, they leave the castle and push Lavagirl with them. She eventually shatters the frozen cage to tell them that only the Ice Princess can make the heart work, but it's too late as darkness has already taken over. Mr. Electric baits Sharkboy into the ocean and unleashes electric eels that render him unconscious. She has to jump in the water to save him, telling Max that she has to do this as Sharkboy is her best friend. She brings Sharkboy to the surface but the exposure to the water dims her fire too much and she dies.

SharkBoy jolts awake just as the volcano begins to flame up. Max warns Sharkboy against carrying her there as he'll burn up, but he insists on doing it. As Sharkboy takes her to the volcano, Max dreams of a better Lavagirl. He realizes she's not destruction or Evil - she's light. Sharkboy throws her into the volcano then runs to safety. She emerges from the volcano in a beacon of flaming light. Max accepts his destiny as the Daydreamer and is able to defeat Minus by befriending the boy. Lavagirl emerges and is grateful to Max for letting her know she's light. Sharkboy joins the group and reveals he's the King of the ocean finally.

Minus tells Sharkboy that he's free to find his father on Earth, everything on Planet Drool will return to normal, and Lavagirl can rule Earth's lava world. Mr. Electric escapes to Earth to destroy the planet, with Max realizing that he's dreaming. Lavagirl tells him to make the dream real, as Max did with Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and dream with his eyes open. When they count to three, Max opens his eyes and awakens back in his classroom.

As the tornadoes tear through Earth, Max's mom is almost sucked into the tornado when Lavagirl appears and saves her. Sharkboy saves Max's dad from the opposing tornado. SharkBoy and Lavagirl then safely escort Max's parents to the school. The next day, Max tells his classmates where Sharkboy and Lavagirl are. Sharkboy is King of the ocean and all its creatures while searching for his father's submarine in the darkest parts of the ocean. The only light he has is a place where the light shines almost as bright as the sun, where Lavagirl lives out her dream as Queen of Earth's volcanoes that boil at the bottom of the sea. This is a source of life for all living things. They don't visit Max anymore, but he can visit them in his dreams.

We Can Be Heroes


Fifteen years later, in the year 2020, LavaGirl is married to SharkBoy, and together, they have a young daughter named Guppy. LavaGirl is a member of a superhero team called The Heroics, where she fights Evil and defends Earth alongside her husband. She has mastered her powers and tends to reside in the Earth's core. She is called into action one day when aliens invade Earth to take over the planet. She emerges from the Earth's core and fights several alien ships, though she accidentally hits Tech-No with a lava blast. His fall leads to his capture and later hers. The aliens kidnap her and place her in a cell alongside her fellow Heroics and her husband.

WCBH Blinding Fast SharkBoy LavaGirl.png

The in-fighting between the Heroics doesn't stop in captivity, as Miracle Guy taunts SharkBoy by asking him to sing one of his little songs. SharkBoy squares-off with Miracle Guy, though LavaGirl intervenes before the situation can escalate. Marcus asks them to stop fighting, so LavaGirl quips to Miracle Guy to act like he's on-camera. He responds that there isn't one, and it's liberating, so he can be his true self - and his true self doesn't like Marcus, SharkBoy, or LavaGirl. This causes her hair to ignite which startles Miracle Guy.

WCBH SharkBoy LavaGirl Guppy.png

Despite her tension with Miracle Guy, she has befriended nearly every other team member. She is surprised when her daughter, Guppy, and the rest of The Heroics children arrive on the ship to save them. LavaGirl is also proud of her daughter for controlling her powers and shares her pride with SharkBoy. By the end of the day, Guppy and the new generation of The Heroics rescue the parents. The children have passed the alien's tests and are deemed worthy of taking over their parents' roles as Earth's heroes. LavaGirl embraces her daughter and husband, ready to live a peaceful life once more.

Powers and abilities

Natural abilities

WCBH SharkBoy Lavagirl2.png


As a child, LavaGirl had a lava motorcycle that Max d manipulate heat.Fire manipulation: Lava girl can manipulate fire.Lava Manipulation: lava girl can manipulateLava.Enhanced agility: Lava girl is very agile.reamt for her. She never used the motorcycle and is unknown if she's still in possession of the motorcycle as an adult.



LavaGirl has a positive relationship with Max. She's patient with him throughout the movie and has no problem guiding him along. She has faith that he can save Planet Drool and hopes he'll remember the truth to her morality--whether she is good or bad.



SharkBoy is LavaGirl's husband and childhood love. They have a pre-established friendship from before "The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl". She trusts and cares for him greatly, to the point where she was willing to risk her life to save his. When SharkBoy was being electrocuted in the ocean by Mr. Electric, LavaGirl dove into the water and brought him to the surface so he could survive. She did this despite knowing that the exposure to the water would likely kill her. They understand each other's tendencies and know how to handle the other's outbursts. She knows him well enough to handle his "Shark Frenzy," as well as the way to initiate it. She also knows to keep her distance until it passes. It's implied she has a crush on him that he reciprocates, as she kissed his cheek and attempted to put her arm around his shoulders. Their relationship is unique as they are opposing elements that can destroy one another; water weakens LavaGirl while heat causes SharkBoy to shrivel. In fact, as children, her touch sometimes caused his skin to burn. In their later years, they married and had a daughter together, Guppy.

Mr. Electric

Due to their different alignments, they're natural enemies. She dislikes Mr. Electric because of his attempt to corrupt Planet Drool and stop kids from dreaming. While she seems to be less affected by his electrical attacks, she is still vulnerable to his electric attacks.


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  • LavaGirl keeps lava rocks on her to eat. It's not specified if they're like a snack or a meal to her.
  • Her powers are inconsistent throughout the movie. Her resting abilities range from warm to scorching. It's possible that she can control her temperature.
  • LavaGirl is one of the few characters in The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl without an apparent real-world counterpart.
  • She resides in the Earth's core.