Ice Princess is a character in Max's dreams and a citizen of Planet Drool. She is the keeper of the Crystal Heart, which she wears around her neck, and the only guardian of The Land of Ice. She is the dream world counterpart of Marissa Electricidad.


Ice Princess is a young girl with long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She has lustrous makeup on to add to her ice motif. She wears a long, one-shoulder white dress with circle designs.

She wears white leggings and white shoes. The Princess has arm sleeves with intricate designs from her upper arms to her wrists.

Notably, she wears and the Crystal Heart necklace and two crystal-drop earrings similar in appearance. The Princess wears a headdress seemingly made of ice. It has many snowflake designs and strings of crystals.


The Princess is generally calm and collected. Despite being around Max's age, she is shown to be mature (and seemingly a good fit for her role as princess). This may be due to her generally isolated life in the Land of Ice, due to her upbringing, or the idea that she is meant to have an 'icy exterior' due to her powers.

Ice Princess was calm when confronting the group about stealing the Crystal Heart.

Still, she is shown to be able to be happy/amused (specifically when Max saw through the decoy Crystal Hearts without much thought).



Not much is known about the Princess--not even her name. She is first introduced by Sharkboy as he retold a rumor (that she's beautiful) and Lavagirl's own retelling (that she's selfish, "cold, and cruel"). Her ice powers likely comes from her real life counterpart always being cold.

The Princess is shown to have a protective father (Ice Guardian) and a guarded life in the Land of Ice. With the Crystal Heart, she is the only protector of the Land of Ice and the castle. It's implied that she has never left the castle and never will.


The Princess gives the Crystal Heart to Max in order to stop time, to stop Minus.

Powers and Abilities

The Princess' powers aren't shown on screen. It's only implied that she's the only one who can use the Crystal Heart and all of its powers by extension. In her position as protector, it's possible that she has more abilities that aren't shown.

Due to her position of princess, she has the power over citizens in the Land of Ice. It seems the only one that outranks her is Ice Guardian, her father (and therefore king).



Max was the only one of the main group to speak to the Princess (due to Lavagirl being frozen solid and Sharkboy being intimidated). They didn't develop much of a relationship past Max recognizing her from her real world counterpart Marissa. He even got her to smile and got her blessing to use the Crystal Heart.

Ice Guardian

The Princess is Ice Guardian's daughter. While she listens to him and his wishes for her to stay in the Ice Castle, she finds him occasionally "suffocating." Still, he seems to care for her and her safety.


  • Despite never meeting her and not talking to her when in the Ice Castle, Lavagirl had some animosity for Ice Princess. Seemingly due to their opposing powers.
    • There's a chance part of her feelings were due to jealousy after Sharkboy called Ice Princess beautiful.
  • Max's crush on Marissa seemed to transition over to Ice Princess upon meeting her.
  • Ice Princess' powers likely came from where Marissa sits in her real world classroom. She's positioned under the classroom's air conditioner, which connected Marissa and cold in Max's dream world. Mr. Electricidad's protective nature is likely what sparked Ice Guardian's similar habits.
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