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Guppy is the daughter of SharkBoy and LavaGirl. She has both shark and lava powers.


Guppy is an adorable little girl around the age of five, with light blonde hair and brown eyes. She has small features for a child and is seen wearing a pink t-shirt under her overalls. When fighting villains or entering a shark frenzy, she wears blue sunglasses.


Guppy, when first introduced, is very sweet and seems to be loved by the team as she is the youngest. However, during a shark frenzy, she can be very aggressive and may need to meditate to calm down.



Guppy is the only daughter of notorious superheroes SharkBoy and LavaGirl. She was placed in a special superhero school due to her abilities which often distract other students.

We Can Be Heroes

Guppy uses her powers to extinguish an unintentional fire that Wild Card starts. She then meets Missy Moreno, and explains that her parents are SharkBoy and LavaGirl so she can control water. She makes the figure of a shark that attacks a person much to Missy's awe. Later that day, she watches as her parents are taken hostage by aliens and is visibly upset over the loss. A Capella Vox lends Guppy some comfort. When Missy decides to break out of Heroics Headquarters, they use Guppy's shark strength to overwhelm the security guards. She flips them onto the ground which allows the next part of their plan to work. Together, the rag-tag group of kids escape the Headquarters and into a shuttle which A Capella flies using her powers. They crash on Grandma Moreno's yard, where they are brought inside for food and water. Grandma Moreno then begins training the group so they can save their parents. Guppy shows great skill in overpowering her digital enemies, though she struggles to control her anger so Missy tells her to meditate.

When the team escapes Grandma Moreno's, they board an alien ship that takes them to the mothership where their parents are being held captive. Guppy stays close to A Capella as they navigate the complex ship. She uses her shark strength to overwhelm aliens that attack but the team is ultimately taken hostage too. Ms. Granada, who is actually an alien, takes away Guppy's water so she can't generate her powers. This is hard for Guppy as she pouts over the loss of her water and powers. Missy knows that Guppy needs water so she begins to talk about their parents not returning, which makes everyone cry. Guppy is able to collect the teams tears with her finger and morph them into a solid key. She is ecstatic over her contribution and proudly shows it to Missy, who uses it to unlock the door so they can escape.

The teams fight takes them to a room where a countdown teases the release of the alien takeover. The team learns that Ojo is an alien spying on them. Ojo uses her powers to bring her alien drawings to life, instructing them to attack the team. Guppy does her best to defend the team and protect herself, but announces that she needs water. Wheels points her to the pyramid in the middle of the room that is made of liquid metal - liquid, meaning that she can use it to her advantage. Guppy takes the liquid metal and turns into a huge shark that rides around to destroy the alien creatures. Her valiant efforts help the team who are able to stop the alien takeover in time. When the pyramid in the center of the room opens their parents emerge, much to Guppy's glee.

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Ms. Granada and Ojo reveal that the takeover wasn't of Earth, but the takeover of power from their parents. The children pass the alien's tests and are deemed worthy of taking over their parents' roles as Earth's heroes. Missy promises that if Ogima or the aliens need them, they'll be here ready to help. With that, the parents are free to cross the platform and reunite with their children. Guppy hugs her mother and father, who holds his hands up for her to punch teasingly. She does but accidentally kicks him across the room with her shark strength, much to her horror. But SharkBoy appears seconds later ready for a hug. The family embraces as Guppy smiles at her parents as her father holds her. As an official member of the Heroics, Guppy stands with her team in a new outfit, ready for whatever adventure comes next.

Powers and Abilities

Guppy strongly favors her father, Sharkboy in her powers. She has water-based abilities and shark-like qualities as opposed to her mother, LavaGirl's, lava-based abilities. The combined genetics of her parents gave Guppy the ability to manipulate water to her will, but it requires her to be hydrated or have a liquid source nearby. She has the strength of a shark paired with endurable teeth that can rip bars apart. She can generate the sound of a shark when she enters a "shark frenzy". Guppy's shark frenzy is less volatile and more contained than her father, Sharkboy.


Guppy cannot use any of her powers unless she has access to water. Even when she manipulates liquid metal and uses shark strength, water is required.


SharkBoy and LavaGirl

Guppy's parents are SharkBoy and LavaGirl, she is especially close to them and is shown to be very proud of her parents.

A Capella

Guppy is shown to be especially close to A Capella. A Capella comforts her while she sees her parents taken away by the aliens and they hold hands while walking through the tunnel.



  • Her name is a type of fish known as a "guppy". Guppies are colorful, vibrant tropical fish that is found exclusively in freshwater aquariums. This is also a reference to how her father is named "SharkBoy".
  • Guppy wears pink and blue throughout the whole movie, a reference to her parent's two main colors respectively.