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Blinding Fast is one of the main characters in We Can Be Heroes.


Blinding Fast has short brown hair and small brown eyes that are very expressive. He has a tall stature and moderate build. While fighting crime, he wears a yellow and black jumpsuit that has long-sleeves. The center of the suit is black with a black belt with The Heroics symbol for a buckle. He also wears black gloves and black boots.


He is a very kind and warm man whose love for his son is evident. He grows emotional while seeing Slo-Mo's progression with his powers and the time loop. Blinding Fast does have an impatient side, as he criticized SharkBoy for not communicating with the team. Despite his super speed, Blinding Fast is a relatively calm and stable person.



At some point, Blinding Fast joined the elite superhero team The Heroics and had a son named Slo-Mo. Blinding Fast took part in a Heroics mission called the Crisis of Edinburgh. During the crisis, he had a falling out with his teammate, Crushing Low.

We Can Be Heroes

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Blinding Fast is called into action by Ms. Granada to fight alongside The Heroics when aliens threaten to take over Earth. He rushes into City Hall to cut across town, catching the attention of reporters. Crushing Low follows suit and destroys the building. Blinding Fast runs in the air alongside his flying teammates. When The Heroics each fall to the aliens, Blinding Fast is soon the last Heroic standing. He runs circles around a ship, but it's ultimately apprehended. The aliens take him to a cell in the mothership alongside his teammates.

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The in-fighting between the Heroics doesn't stop in captivity, as Blinding Fast tries to get SharkBoy to communicate with the rest of the team. Marcus quips that if the Heroics had fought the aliens like this, they wouldn't be in prison. Blinding Fast says that's what he's been trying to tell SharkBoy, who throws something at his head. Later, Miracle Guy tries to punch his way out of the cell, but Blinding Fast informs him that he tried everything already. The doors open, and a cloaked figure appears. Blinding Fast quickly attempts to uncloak the person, as he wants to see who is under it. He's thrown to the ground as soon as his hand touches the cloak. The person reveals herself as Anita Moreno. She shames the Heroics, including Blinding Fast, for their poor fighting skills.

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Tech-No eventually turns on the security monitors, and they watch their children fight the aliens. Blinding Fast is captivated by Slo-Mo's fighting skills, even though his speed quickens by Rewind and Fast Forward. He eagerly asks his teammates if they saw, but Miracle Guy replies that Slo-Mo was too fast - even for him. They share a fistbump with this sentiment. Blinding Fast continues to watch his son use his slow motion-based powers to fall a great height and survive. He is emotional as he murmurs that his son is amazing.

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When the children succeed in stopping the alien takeover, the parents are free from the pyramid. Blinding Fast stands proudly with his fellow Heroics. Ms. Granada tells the children that the takeover was never of Earth. It was the takeover of power from the current generation of Heroics to the next. The parents are allowed to cross the barrier, and Blinding Fast rushes forward. He waits much longer than the rest of his teammates for his reunion with Slo-Mo. He expresses his pride in his son and is even prouder when Slo-Mo manages to exit his time loop on his own to give a normal-paced high-five. Blinding Fast hugs his son, who speaks normally to say, "I love you." The sentiment means a lot to Blinding Fast.

Powers and Abilities

Blinding Fast has the ability of super speed. He moves at a pace that is so incredibly fast that his movements are undetectable to the human eye. His instincts are also accelerated as well as his thought process and speech. He can use his super speed to run in mid-air, making him able to keep up with his Heroics co-workers who are able to fly.


Whiplash: Due to his incredible speed, if Blinding Fast carries someone, the effects of high-speed friction caused by air resistance could injure anyone he carries.

Brute Force: Superheroes such as Miracle Guy, posses strength greater than his and can overpower him.